Interview: Dave speaks to Rawkus Magazine

Los Angeles-based rock outfit Slammin’ Gladys recently unleashed the music video for “Dragon Eye Girl,” a funky, bluesy, wickedly erogenous song about an irresistible woman with the eyes and spirit of a firedrake. 

Slammin’ Gladys released their self-titled first album in the early ‘90s. Both the media and listeners loved it. Overnight, Slammin’ Gladys rocketed to rock-star status, touring across the U.S. playing before vast audiences. 

Then grunge arrived and in a New York minute, everything changed. Now, though, hard rock is back and so is Slammin’ Gladys, who will drop their new album, Slammin’ Gladys Two, via JIB Machine Records on February 12. 

Encrusted in thick blues riding a compelling funked-out rhythm, “Dragon Eye Girl” narrates the tale of a voluptuous enchantress whose beguiling charms conceal the soul of a pitiless siren, while the video, directed by Eric Mittleman, depicts her spellbinding allure, at once thrillingly enticing and devastating. 

Rawckus Magazine caught up with frontman Dave Brooks to find out how Slammin’ Gladys got together, his songwriting process, and why he makes music. 

Rawckus Magazine: How did you get started in music? What’s the backstory there? 

Dave Brooks: I’ve always been involved with music since I can remember anything. I started playing in the clubs really young, like 14 years old. I know Al was right behind me playing the clubs. I met up with JJ out in LA where he was going to MIT and started the band. Steve came on board after we saw him with a couple of other bands. 

RM: Which artists are you listening to right now? 

DB: Personally, I’ve been listening to Audioslave a lot and Chris Cornell... Alice Smith and I’m always learning new songs. 

RM: Who is in the band and which instrument do they play? 

BD: Dave Brooks - Vox. JJ Farris - Guitar, Keyboards, and vox, Al Collins - Bass and vox, Stephen DeBoard - Drums and vox 

RM: What inspired your latest single/music video, “Dragon Eye Girl?” 

DB: A girl I know with striking green eyes and a personality to match... it’s based on certain events. 

RM: What do you want people to take away from the video? 

DB: That everyone has at least two sides to their personalities and love has no control or too much. 

RM: Why make music? 

DB: Because it’s the language of the soul... and love... all emotions... and it paints the story of our lives. 

RM: What can you share about your songwriting process? 

DB: It depends. It usually starts off by playing and singing something onto a phone or some kind of recording device and then wrap some melodies and lyrics around it. But other times, it starts with the I’ll just send JJ some lyrics and he’ll wrap a song around it. 

RM: How are you handling the coronavirus situation? 

DB: As carefully as possible... riding the storm out... hoping the best for everyone. 

RM: How does it feel to be back? 

DB: It’s so awesome and feels like this is the best music we’ve ever done! 

RM: Looking ahead, what’s next for Slammin’ Gladys? 

DB: We plan to keep writing and endeavor to persevere...hopefully do some shows soon!! Want to tour Europe and the world!

Rawckus Magazine